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Our Founders

Experience. Passion. Leadership. Hoodies.

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Bort Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

Serial entrepreneur and founder of several revolutionary startups, including the gig-economy platform Exploitr™, Bort Taylor is Interweb Empire’s CEO. He enjoys pickle ball, equity, and private aviation.

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Mary Taylor

Chief People Officer

Mary is the CPO and Chief Culture Officer. Mary is also the founder of her marriage to Bort Taylor, which she plans to bring to a successful exit as soon as Interweb Empire achieves post-IPO status.

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Eddie (just Eddie)

Chief Product Officer

Eddie (just Eddie) invented the AI-based buzzword generation engine bullshitipsum, before leading the development of TekBro™ at Interweb Empire.

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James Barnes

Chief Creative Officer

James is Interweb Empire's Chief Creative Officer, responsible for leading our annual corporate rebranding exercise.

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