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 James Barnes

the Natural Intelligence as a Service (NIaaS) solution

Integrated deep-learning model trained with 46 years of real-world data

Real-time, fully conversational natural language engine (English only)

Advanced neural network with speech recognition, visual processing, and self-driving capabilities

Programmed for autonomous reasoning, forward and reverse chaining, and unparalleled sentiment analysis

Beyond AI™

Human-based intelligence for the post-AI world

Meet James, our Natural Intelligence as a Service™ (NIaaS) solution. James is licensed for completely autonomous driving, has achieved conscious self-awareness, and can pass the Turing test in simulated and real-world scenarios.

With multiple practical applications, James has deep learning capabilities designed to analyze and adapt to any business environment. His Natural Language Processing (NLP) is industry-leading and capable of detecting multiple variations of sentiment and context. Equipped with an advanced neural network, James provides advanced abductive reasoning, heuristic problem-solving, and predictive analytics.

James is capable of both short and long-term workloads and may be procured under both reserved instance and pay-as-you-go pricing models. Click Here to review a selected history of practical applications and clients.

Up to


hours of processing time available per week (contact sales for additional pricing)
Up to


Lower infrastructure costs compared to typical AI systems
Up to

25 year

Remaining service life
Up to


Pre-built integrations into all major technologies and business systems

Level up your business with

James features dynamic pre-built leadership models with technical integrations into all major business systems and applications. A product of decades of research and development, James is engineered for business and technical transformation applications across all applicable industries. James features competitive pricing compared to all major AI-based enterprise platforms, with variable compensation models across salary, benefits, and equity designed to align with your business needs.

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