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Introducing TekBro™

Your business needs a TekBro™.

 Enterprises are struggling to adapt to advancing architecture and technology. A modern business needs a multiscale hyperconnected experience to stay competitive. Move beyond digital transformation's finite and definitive value and help your business achieve permanent organizational agility through infinite digital disruption.

Interweb Empire™ invented and pioneered the field of Disruption as a Service, or DaaS, in 2020. Our pioneering platform has continued to evolve into an artificial-intelligence-based always-on virtual consultant designed to integrate complication and complexity into every business process and function, ensuring a uniquely unscalable solution for years to come.

Introducing TekBro™, your automated DaaS 


The world’s most advanced artificially intelligent virtual transformation consultant. Machine-learning trained on hundreds of hours of “Mr. Robot” and deep-mined to the darkest corners of Reddit, TekBro™is an automated solution providing industry-leading Disruption as a service (DaaS). All at scale  


Ask TekBro™ a question and he will reply “Hundo P” because that’s how much TekBro™ agrees with you at all times.


TekBro™ fully integrates with your existing business processes, generating memes, TikToks, and follow-worthy content to multiply your output by as much as 1x.

Enterprise-Grade Disruption

Move slow and break stuff

TekBro™ is the most advanced, multi-agile, virtual robotic process automated solution for Hypercomplexity™ on the market today. Click the headers below to see examples of our Disruption-at-scale technologies transforming key industries today.

Interweb Empire™

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